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How EA Sports FIFA 17 got hacked and brought you free FIFA 17 coins and points

This year FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is more exciting than ever! Finally it got a eSports mode called FUT Champions. You can compete with the best, even though it is hard to get to the final rounds. To beat every enemy you need a perfect team. This means a great goal keeper, fast and tall defender, strong and skillful midfielder and effective and fast striker. There is just a problem. You can’t get player like Manuel Neuer, Ronaldo, Lewandowski or Pogba just by winning matches and earning a few coins. No, you must be very rich or very lucky.

Let me explain: Getting excellent player out of gold packs is almost impossible. Most time the only things you get over and over again are player contracts, average player or random items. So forget about getting fantastic player out of packs. The chance is less than 5% to get a very good player. Another way is to spend real money for FIFA Points or FIFA Coins. With points you can only buy packs, you can’t use or transfer the FUT points to buy player. For real money you can also buy coins, but this is very likely to get you banned. Most time the guys who sell the coins will report your account, so that you will buy lots of FUT 17 coins again and again.

There is a new method which got revealed a few weeks ago. Suddenly every FUT gamer was talking about one thing called the FIFA 17 Coin Generator. It is said the people who use this FIFA 17 Hack will be able to generate free FIFA 17 coins and points on every system. This means it doesn’t matter on which console (Xbox or Playstation) you are playing on. You know what this means? Finally there is a way to hack FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Gamer never need to spend money for points or coins again. There are many videos on Youtube and Facebook in which you can see how it is used.

Here is the video:

If you didn’t notice it, there has been radical changes in the leaderboard of FUT 17 since this FIFA 17 Coins hack went online. Now everyone has the chance to get great player, no matter how much money they invest. How are they getting them? Very easily through the transfermarket. You generate free FUT 17 Coins and use them to buy player. Its simple as that. When you want to compete in FUT Champions you really need a great team, because your opponent teams will be extremely strong and picked with stars like Ronaldo, Messi, Bale and so on. These player can make a huge difference, especially when you play on a high level. FIFA 17 Free Coins and Points on Honwars are not going to get you banned – not on any console, smartphone or PC. The system the FIFA 17 Hack is based on is quite safe and for mods invisible. It looks really we are experiencing major changes in Ultimate Team, because nobody is going to spend real money anymore.

Also in these days you could see how many updates EA were publishing for FIFA 17. They were pretty good in hiding the real reason for these updates. Its not about the gameplay or physics, its about the FUT 17 Hack which uses a bug in their system. EA Sports tries to fix up this bug so the gamer can’t use the FUT 17 Coin Generator anymore.

If I would be you I would start to use this hack as soon as possible, because nobody knows when the bug will be fixed.

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